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In some cases, arrangements are made with local churches, or ecclesiastical bodies, to give scholarships to members coming from their fellowships who show promise of academic and ministerial callings. Such arrangements are determined by the combined efforts of these fellowships, the FTS Academic Committee, and the Korean Program Director. The Business Manager will be informed in writing of all such decisions.

Tuition-scholarship for spouses of full-time students

FTS is committed to serving its students as members of families and as family ministry-teams. The reality of on-the-ground service so often includes both spouses. Therefore, FTS desires to help prepare its full-time students (at least 12 credits per semester) with this scholarship program towards seminary degrees (contingencies: fully paid tuition of the full-time spouse, adequate seating in class for registered and paying students). Contact the Business Office for more information. This scholarship is only available for U.S.A. Residents and Citizens.

Missionary Scholarship

A missionary on furlough is entitled to a fifty percent tuition discount if they are sponsored by a recognized sending agency and is returning from a country other than their own for a sabbatical or time of respite between assignments. A missionary is required to provide a letter each year from the sponsoring organization that confirms the missionary’s status. Those currently serving in campus ministry who are responsible for raising fifty percent or more of their finances also receive the missionary entitlement. A letter from the sponsoring organization that confirms this status is required each year.

Church Partnership Scholarship

Faith Theological Seminary has launched a matching scholarship fund to help churches enable their members to take seminary courses in the M.Div. and D.Min. programs (for one semester only for a maximum of $1000). FTS provides matching funds for church-sponsored pastors, missionaries, and those members seeking a theological education as they continue their ministry education and increase their effectiveness for spreading the Word of God. Your church can remove the financial barrier between church members and further education and ignite a passion for continued learning in your church’s leadership.

Helping Up Mission Scholarship

The Faith Theological Seminary scholarship program for Helping Up Mission graduates allows the student to take full time courses attaining a theological education at a very low cost.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Must have a Helping Up Mission reference
  • Must maintain full time student status at Faith Theological Seminary
  • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA