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Doctor of Ministry

Two-year program: 30 credits and a Ministry Research Project
Five Core courses: 15 credits
Five Elective courses: 15 credits
All D.Min. courses are 3 credit hours



The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is a two-year professional degree program designed to provide the highest level of training and to equip those actively involved in vocational ministry with greater competence in the practice of ministry. The D.Min. program concentrates on developing expertise in the biblical rationale, sociological strategy, and practical implementation of ministry.

The Doctor of Ministry degree is the highest professional degree for men and women engaged in local church ministries, world missions, and various parachurch ministries. Each course assumes ministry experience, and endeavors to integrate learning with the student’s present context of ministry as well as future goals. Students can choose from one of the following two emphases to focus their studies: Biblical Counseling or Christian Leadership.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • demonstrate an advanced understanding and integration of ministry in relation to the biblical, theological, academic, and pastoral disciplines.
  • articulate and apply a comprehensive and critical philosophy of ministry.
  • demonstrate advanced competencies in the areas of critical thinking, research and writing, biblical theology, biblical counseling, Christian leadership, and pastoral care.
  • plan, implement, and critically evaluate major undertakings in ministry toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
  • evaluate personal, spiritual, and professional development, and design a plan for lifelong learning.
  • make a contribution to the understanding and practice of ministry through the completion of a doctoral-level project.

Ministry Research Project

Students should give thought to the choice of the research project topic early in their program. Students must register for and complete a major research project on an approved subject. It must be directly related to the student’s ministry, and it must make a significant contribution to the field of professional ministry, as well as to the student’s personal life. The project should normally deal with some aspect of communication, administration, nurture, or Christian education.

The research project proposal should state a thesis: what, exactly, does the research project propose to demonstrate or express? The research project proposal should then indicate the problem this demonstration would solve. The proposal should also provide schematic guidelines for developing and defending the principle thesis claims by chapters, anticipate methodological or other problems in the research project, and provide a select bibliography of primary and secondary sources.

An optimum D.Min. research project length is 60,000 to 70,000 words. Three complete draft-copies of the research project must be submitted to the Director of the Doctoral Program by January 30th (for May graduation) for review by the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee will decide whether the dissertation is ready for defense, and if it is, they will determine (before February 30th) the time for the defense. The research project must be successfully presented and defended in a face-to-face oral examination (viva voce) before the Examination Committee at least thirty days prior to the anticipated graduation.

The project writing must conform to the format and bibliographical style requirement in A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, by Kate L. Turabian (5th Edition, 1987).